Thursday, December 6, 2012


In general we are attempting to restore the original elements of the house that are within our budget. One of the big surprises that we uncovered during our initial visits to the house was a lovely, rich, red linoleum in the kitchen. At that time we only felt comfortable lifting up a corner of the carpet (yes, carpeted kitchen) so we weren't sure what the condition of the linoleum would be. Unfortunately, we won't be able to restore the original linoleum...

Instead, we will be using Forbo Marmoleum sheet flooring to recreate the original. We have another Marmoleum product (click, floating floor) in our current home and LOVE IT. Linoleum is rich, warm, soft, and a bio-based product made from linseed. We will attempt to match the original color.

Much to our surprise, we discovered that the stairs to the basement are also covered in red linoleum and in MUCH better shape. No need to redo these, we are willing to live with the small amount of damage from the carpet install.

Sadly, a new surprise was awaiting us under the carpet in the dining area. Likely during the installation of all that lovely carpet, we think that Mother S1 requested that the floor people nail down the parquet tiles so that they wouldn't squeak. Eeeeks. What to do????

Monday, December 3, 2012

To blast or not to blast?

We have a dilemma. Mother S1 decided some years ago that painting the fireplace within the mother ship would be a good idea. We disagree. If you ever buy a home with brick on the inside, PLEASE refrain from taking a paint brush to it! This is what the fireplace looks like now:

This is what it should look like:

Sadly, our options are few and costly. The first quote from a reluctant brick stripper came it at $4,500. Um, brick guy #1, we aren't sure that's in our budget. We await the second quote that would involve "soda blasting," a process that uses baking soda instead of sand to remove the paint.  We could consider painting the brick to match....thoughts???

UPDATE!  - We are hiring a soda blaster! He is coming from Greeley and thinks that they will be done in one day. EXCITED!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

In 1948 a mother ship was built in Colorado Springs, Colorado by a cement mogul. At this time the mother ship's architect is unknown. Around 1955 it was sold to the S1 family. The S1's enjoyed the mother ship. They raised their children within its walls.  They were known throughout the neighborhood for their fabulous 4th of July garden parties and handing out popcorn balls on Halloween.

This year, the remaining resident of the mother ship (Mother S1) went to live in an assisted living facility. Her family put the house on the market. They hoped for a family to buy the mother ship and treat it with dignity. We are that family and this is that mother ship. Our new home.